Obtaining Services

The UWNR is a cost recovery enterprise.  Services are billed on a time and material/services basis according to the rates identified below.  Users are encouraged to contact the Reactor Director to discuss projects and request quotes for service.

UWNR Rate Schedule FY 2023 Internal Users

UWNR Rate Schedule FY 2023 External Users

The UWNR provides a sliding rate schedule for contiguous irradiations (i.e. the sample remains in the reactor between subsequent operations)  as detailed below:

Irradiation Time Charged Rate
First 24 hours (0 – 24 hours) 100% of published rate
Second 24 hours (>24 – 48 hours) 75% of published rate
Third 24 hours (>48 – 72 hours) 50% of published rate
Hours after 72 hours 25% of published rate

A 10% surcharge is applied to any operation extending beyond the normal business day (i.e. 24/7 operations).