History of the UW Nuclear Reactor

Shown above is the core grid box with a beam port and the pneumatic tube irradiation facilities on the side. The pneumatic tube irradiation facility is used for short irradiations. Samples are sent and received from a fume hood. Other irradiation facilities include 4 beam ports, 3 hydraulic tubes and a thermal column.

(1961): Initial criticality as a 10kW reactor

(1964): Received license amendment for a power level increase to 250 kW using original flat-plate fuel

(1967): Cooling system installed and reactor converted to a 1000 kW TRIGA with pulsing capability.

(1979): Completed conversion to TRIGA FLIP fuel. Operated TRIGA FLIP core until August 19, 2009.

Sept 16, 2010: First critical with TRIGA LEU 30/20 fuel (30 weight-% uranium, 20% enrichment).

Original purchase order of the UW Nuclear Reactor in January, 1960.