UWNR View From Beam Port Floor

UW Nuclear Reactor Lab Facilities

Irradiation Services
The 1MW-thermal nuclear reactor has multiple irradiation facilities including:

  • Three Whale Tubes: hydraulically operated in-core tubes
  • Pneumatic Tube: pneumatically operated in-core tube with send and receive station located in a fume hood; operated with carbon dioxide cover gas
  • Four Beam Ports: 6" diameter in-core section with 8" diameter tube penetrating through the shield; equipped with lead shutter
  • Thermal column: graphite filled irradiation space

Radiation Counting Lab Facilities:

  • High Purity Germanium Detectors for Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Sodium Iodide Detectors for Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Thin Window Proportional Counters for Low Level Swipe Counting and Source Leak Testing
  • Liquid Scintillation Counter for Gross Alpha, Gross Beta Analysis including Tritium Analysis