Academic Courses

The Engineering Physics Department offers serveral courses that utilize the Nuclear Reactor and are listed below:

The above students received Reactor Operator (RO) licenses in July 2011. Generally, a new group of students takes the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license exam every 2 years. In addition to the student Reactor Operators, there are several Senior Reactor Operators (SRO's) on staff.

  • NEEP 234: Principles and Practice of Nuclear Reactor Operations
    This course presents the theoretical and practical information required to understand operation of nuclear reactors. The course content includes all subjects which must be known by a person seeking an operating license for the university reactor. Instructors integrate information on similar operations and systems in a nuclear power plant.
  • NEEP 427: Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory
    Experiments on nuclear instrumentation, counting, data analysis. One three-hour lab, one lecture per week.
  • NEEP 428: Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
    Experiments on reactor operation, flux measurement, measurements of reactor parameters, using pool type reactor. One three-hour lab per week.